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Were going to do our utmost in supporting small business shopping on the Saturday

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after Thanksgiving. To be eligible for the contest shoppers have to enter a picture of their receipt from a small business on that Saturday. Rules, eligibility and the date of the drawings will be available on the website Nov. 1. First prize is $5,000, second prize in $2,000 and third prize is a $500 voucher towards travel on Southwest Airlines at Flint Bishop International Airport. Patterson said independent small businesses are part of what make downtowns like Ferndales and others great places to shop and visit. We see a lot of foot traffic in beautiful Ferndale, he said. Cindy Willcock, operations manager for Ferndales Downtown Development Authority, said Pattersons visit, the contest and other county programs are helpful. I think it really highlights shopping local, she said. I think having an event like this here shows our downtown is more than just a fun, nightlife destination.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives at the EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, October 20, 2016.   REUTERS/Yves Herman Her speech at a conference of her Conservatives in Birmingham in early October suggested she is leaning toward a so-called "hard Brexit" in which Britain would place limits on immigration and lose access to Europe's lucrative single market. In the past weeks however, May and her ministers have sent out different signals, deepening the sense of confusion in other European capitals about her intentions and raising the pressure on May to spell out what she wants. "This is my first European Council and I'm here with a very clear message: The UK is leaving the EU but we will continue to play a full role until we leave and we'll be a strong and dependable partner after we have left," she told reporters upon arrival. Above all, she said it was important that the EU stand together in the face of Russian aggression in Syria. In the past weeks, Syrian government and Russian forces have stepped up air strikes on besieged rebel-held parts of the Syrian city of Aleppo, killing hundreds of civilians. "It's vital that we work together to continue to put pressure on Russia to stop its appalling atrocities, its sickening atrocities in Syria," May said. Leaders were due on Thursday to discuss the state of the bloc's deals with African countries to limit EU-bound migration from their territories, before turning to the topic of Russia over dinner and to economic issues, including a pending trade deal between the EU and Canada, on Friday. But the meeting in Brussels may be overshadowed by Brexit. May has said she will trigger Article 50 of the EU treaty, which would start a two-year countdown to Britain's exit, by the end of March.