What's Required For Tactics For Cocktail Dresses

Why does a bride need to preserve a dress?/What will happen to a dress over time if a bride doesn’t take the necessary steps to clean and preserve after the wedding? Bride’s need to preserve wedding dresses because over time the fibers in the dress will break down and the dress will begin to yellow due to exposure to the air. How soon after the wedding should you bring your dress in to be cleaned to avoid permanent damage? The sooner the better. Preferably the day after the wedding, but certainly within a month of the wedding. Luckily, Mulberrys offers free on-demand pickup, so you can schedule a pickup with a click of a button on the app. What is the average cost of wedding dress cleaning and preservation? (a range here would be great) Cleaning alone starts at $200 and cleaning and preservation is $300. What options do brides have for dress preservation? There is really only one good option and that is preserving in an acid-free preservation box. Some tissue paper and boxes have acids in them, which can cause the dress to yellow over time.

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